Rules and Terms of competitions
Competition events

  • Kumite individual
  • Kata individual
  • Team kumite
  • Kata-Bunkai

Age & Weight categories

  • Men: lightweight – up to 65 kg, middleweight – up to 75 kg, cruiserweight – up to 85 kg, heavyweight – up to 95 kg, superheavyweight – ab. 95 kg
  • Woman: lightweight – up to 54 kg, middleweight – up to 61 kg, cruiserweight – ab. 61 kg
  • Junior & Youths: – 9 year, 10-11 year, 12-13 year, 14-15 year, 16-17 year

Technical points (Waza-Ari) & Clear victory (IPPON)


Judging of the attacking techniques are as follows:

  • There are allowed and are estimated only the strikes in control contact, made to the zones, covered with protective armour – to the high level (covered by the helmet) and middle level (covered by the body protector)
  • Strike by the hand in control contact made to the zones, covered with protective armour (helemt or body protector) – 1 point
  • Strike by the leg in control contact made to the zones, covered with protective armour (helmet or body protector) – 2 points
  • Knockdown – clear victory “IPPON”
  • Knockout – clear victory “IPPON”
  • Clear throw with the ultimate non-contact kick – clear victory “IPPON”
  • Points for the combination and series attacking actions made in control contact are summarized
  • During the conduction of the mutual attacks] by the sportsmen the points for the performed technical actions are awarded to both sportsmen
  • Undercuts allowed, but they are not estimated and can be used only for the beginning of attacking actions.

Penalty points and disqualification

  • Prohibited technique using – penalty points or disqualification
  • Failure of the commands of the referee – penalty points or disqualification
  • Going outside of the territory of tatami – penalty points
  • Non-sport behavior – penalty points or disqualification
  • Crude violation of the rules of the competitions, sport discipline, the ethics of karatedo - disqualification.

Prohibited techniques

  • Strikes to the back
  • Strikes to the nape
  • Strikes to the genitalia
  • Strikes to the joints
  • Hugs of the protective armour
  • Holding of the competitor

Duration of the fight

  • Fights are conducted in 1 round
  • Duration of the fight between the children and youths (up to 17 years old inclusive) – 2 minutes
  • Duration of the fight between adult men, women (since 18 years old) – 3 minutes
  • Final fights duration between the adult sportsmen the may be increased to 5 minutes.

List of kata

Heian Shodan, Seisan, Bassai, Kushanku, Sochin, Naihanchin, Nijushiho, Wankan, Seipai, Seifua, Seienchin, Sanchin, Shorinken, Ananko, Sansai, Rohai, Shinto, Sankakutobi, Jion, Happiken


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