More than 30 years ago, the founding fathers of the Koshiki Karate system agreed on a unified karate competition system aimed at achieving recognition as an Olympic discipline. The result was the emergence of Koshiki Karate. Appropriate protective gear was developed afterwards.

The Koshiki Karate system practiced under the patronage of the WKKU reflects these origins. It additionally provides all karate styles and all Budo athletes practicing martial arts within the framework of the WKKU regulations an equal opportunity to join and actively participate in the association.

Karate organisations and similar organisations affiliated with the WKKU retain complete autonomy in their work and can hold their own competitive matches at every level according to the rules of their particular martial arts style.
The WKKU rules only apply at the Koshiki Karate level with regard to the framework of the koshiki matches and the respective qualification requirements.

WKKU objectives:

  • Maintenance of the philosophy and spirit of Budo
  • Strict compliance with legal requirements (international and national)
  • The participation of every person and organisation interested in the continuous development of Koshiki Karate
  • Democratic principles in structure and management all the way down to the smallest organisation
  • The clarification of disputes solely on the basis of the applicable legal requirements
  • Group development of Koshiki Karate
  • Strict fulfilment of the Koshiki Karate development programme in accordance with the demands and norms of a modern sport
  • Strict supervision and support in maintaining the independence and upholding the interests of the national organisations in relation to third parties
  • Promoting the interests of each individual athlete, organisation, style and trend in modern karate

The benefits for WKKU member organisations are subsequently very significant. Membership provides the opportunity to bring all the various karate styles closer together within the context of Koshiki Karate matches while learning from other types of Budo sports. Koshiki Karate also opens the door for future participation in world-class international matches. Because of the large number of martial arts methods and styles that are represented, qualification and participation in these matches is highly regarded.


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