WKKU - Specifics of competitions Refereeing


  • The Rules of the competitions on Koshiki karatedo allow to make any kicks within the modern karatedo, which stimulates the diversity and spectacularity of the applied technique. The combination of the striking technique by hands, legs and knees with the throw technique allows the sportsmen to work almost at any distance.
  • The Rules of the competitions provide the estimation of the mutual attacking actions of the sportsmens, made simultaneously, or with a slight time interval, which increases the requirements to the protective technique and the tactics of the fight.
  • The estimation by the judges of the attacking actions, made by the sportsmen, or simultaneously by both sportsmen during the mutual attacks, may cover one technical action or a series of technical actions, estimated by the points – «vadza-ari».
  • In case of conducting by the sportsmen of successful combination, consisting of several technical actions, the points, provided by the judges, are to be summarized. Thus the combination work is encouraged, which, without doubt, makes the fights on Koshiki karatedo much more spectacular.
  • During the conduction of the competitions of Koshiki karatedo the sportsmen use the special protective armour, consisting of the protection for the head – the helmet, equipped by the protective screen of optically transparent plastic, and protection for the body – the body protector.
  • The clothes form for the sport judges at the tatami are the traditional karatedo-gi and hakama of black color. The usage of any footwear is prohibited for the judges.
  • The Chapter of the World Koshiki Karate Union stipulates the karatedo-gi of special design for the Koshiki karatedo. On the lateral sides of the mitten of the jacket and on the lateral side of the trousers of the karatedo-gi there should be placed two lines – of the red and of the black color.
  • Koshiki karatedo is a new sport discipline, that is why for the Koshiki karatedo competitions are allowed the representatives of any trends, styles and schools of karatedo, as well as the representatives of almost all the trends of martial arts.


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