More than 30 years ago, the founding fathers of the Koshiki Karate system agreed on a unified karate competition system aimed at achieving recognition as an Olympic discipline. The result was the emergence of Koshiki Karate. Appropriate protective gear was developed afterwards.

The Koshiki Karate system practiced under the patronage of the WKKU reflects these origins. It additionally provides all karate styles and all Budo athletes practicing martial arts within the framework of the WKKU regulations an equal opportunity to join and actively participate in the association. read more>>

Specifics of competitions refereeing

In relation to the existing competition systems of the modern karatedo, which are practiced by different organizations, the Rules of conduction of the competitions and the methods of judging of Koshiki karatedo have the number of substantial differences: read more>>

Qualification requirements & Dan ranks

Koshiki karatedo is a sport system of the modern karatedo. In the Koshiki karatedo competitions may take part the representatives not only of all the trends and schools of karatedo, but almost of all the trends of martial arts. That is why the accreditations and awarding of the qualification categories (Dan rank, Ku), as well as the corresponding qualification belts, is conducted by the style organizations of karatedo, included to WKKU, independently according to their internal rules, requirements and traditions. The sportsmen, taking part in the competitions on Koshiki karatedo, are allowed to the competitions with their qualification categories and belts. The World Koshiki Karate Union creating and awarding the honorable Dan ranks only for the outstanding achievements and personal contribution to the development of karatedo.

World Koshiki Karate Union

World Koshiki Karate Union – International sport non-commercial organization registered in 2010 in Berlin (European Union, Federal Republic of Germany) in accordance with international law standards, rules of International Olympic Committee, demands of World Karate Federation (WKF).


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